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UBGF Junior Handler Program

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Are you interested in being featured as Junior Handler of the Month in Hounds and Hunting Magazine? If you are an active member of the program, please complete the following form and you may be the next junior handler featured.

Junior Handler of the Month Questionnaire

2019 Junior Handler Nationals

Junior Handlers
Abel Craig & Cole Tibbs
13F Field
13F Field Champion (2)
13F Field Champion
13F Show
13M Field Winners
13M Field Winner
13M Show
13M Show Winner
15F Field
15F Field Champion
15F Show
15F Show Champion
15M Field
15M Field Winner
15M Show
15M Show Champion
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2019 Junior Handler Nationals Results


2018 Junior Handler Nationals

All Junior Handlers
Field Judges & Show Judge
Gift Certificate Winners
Tyler Carson showing
Marissa Hudman showing
Vaughn Showing
Braden Carson showing
Casey Waskom showing
Casey Waskom
Grand Final Runner-Up
Grand Final Winner
Aubrey Carson waiting to show
Aubrey Carson showing
Alexis Wright waiting to show
15M Show Winners
15M Show Champion
15F Field Champion
15F Field Winners
15F Show Champion
15F Show Winners
15M Field Winner
15M Field Winners
13M Show Winners
13M Show Champion
13M Field Winners
13M Field Champion
13F Show Winners
13F Show Champion
13F Field Champion
13F Field Winners
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2018 Junior Handler Points

2020-2021 Junior Handler Points

Updated 7/12/21 – FINAL 

14-17 Age Group
Makenzie McConnell 564 points
Brooklin Kingsland 555 points
Christian Shearon 227 points
Cheyenne Colon 138 points
Madelyn Colon  98 points
Joseph Overton  20 points
Lexi Nesbitt  18 points


11-13 Age Group
Molly Hombirg 626 points
Brock Holliday 392 points
Max Hombirg 330 points
Dawson Williams 143 points
Cole Tibbs 137 points
Carson King 104 points
Makila Headrick  38 points
Lillian Higley  22 points
Katie Burleson  17 points
Donta Ramsey  14 points
Bryson Creech   11 points
Riley Rivers   11 points


7-10 Age Group
Lane Voigt 506 points
Maggie Hombirg 503 points
Abel Craig 105 points
Bryson Milam  85 points
Elin Cooper  32 points
Seghan Hughes  29 points
Nick Marra  19 points
Cadence Stephens    8 points
Kaylee Griswold    8 points
Jaxon Hall    3 points

UBGF Junior Handler Rules

The UBGF Junior Handler Program fiscal year is from July 1 – June 30 of each year.

All points must be postmarked by June 30th of each year.

Award recipients will be recognized at the UBGF Banquet in August of each year.

  • Handlers CANNOT submit points for 2 classes that are ran at the same time.  
  • Handlers will be divided into the following age groups: 7-10, 11-13, and 14-17.
  • Handlers can run in any federation to accumulate points. (UBGF, DSBGF, MAB, PBGA, etc.)
  • You DO NOT have to own the dog you are handling.
  • In order to claim ownership points, the dog MUST be registered with the AKC in the junior handler’s name.
  • Handlers must be listed on the field trial entry form as the handler.
  • Handlers must handle the dog(s) in the field (IN ALL SERIES) and show. 
  • Handlers may handle up to 5 dogs per day.  No exceptions.  This includes derby trials when all four classes are run in one day.
  • A new point form must be completed for each class.


UBGF Junior Handler Program




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