Welcome to the United Beagle Gundog Federation, devoted to the hunting Beagle, the complete hunting Beagle. We hope you will join with us in our effort to promote the complete Beagle by means of a very special program. A program designed to award both field ability and conformation of the Beagle so that he may best serve the rabbit hunter.

This program referred to as the C.H.B. Program or Certified Hunting Beagle came into full existence in 1977 with the running of the first UBGF National Runoff at the Busch Wildlife Management Area near Weldon Springs, Missouri hosted by the Ill-Mo Beagle Gundog Association. Much credit must be given to the Federation’s first Secretary, Col. Ted Roberts of Kentucky, for the writing of this unique program. The awarding of field ability and conformation in the same Beagle such that breeders must strive for the ultimate in breeding Beagles “The Dual Champion.”

To prevent the specialization of field only Beagles and/or show only Beagles at all UBGF Qualifying Trials, both events must be conducted. Hound owners are encouraged to participate in both events by the awarding of a Grand Final Winner and Grand Final Winner Runner-Up Awards. Points for this award are obtained from both field judges and from the conformation show judge. In may instances, the award will not be given to the first place field hound nor to the first place show hound, but to the best total Beagle. The Beagle that can excel in both the field event and show event must be found and used to perpetuate the breed to its highest level as the world’s desired hunting hound.



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